The low maintenance plants for this scheme were chosen for their pastel, white colouration and resplendent blooms, providing softness to the permeable gravel design, and to withstand the shaded areas caused by neighbouring trees.

Planting preview
Paeonia lactiflora ‘Duchesse de Nemours’

The commonly known as Peony this herbaceous perennial which has a double white flower with fragrance in early summer. Peonies are a favourite of the client, so it was the first flowering plant chosen for the planting plan.

Full sun is ideal, however, this peony will tolerate partial shade and has performed exceptionally in the shady part of the garden. The blooms are heavy so remember to stake them discreetly before the flowers open!

Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Silver Queen’

This bushy, evergreen shrub was the ideal choice to screen the parking area from the house. The pale colouration and it’s light elegant appearance provides a satisfying softening effect to the eye.
Pittosporum tenuifoliumSilver Queen’ requires low maintenance, it’s ideally situated in the sun or partial shade.
I particularly enjoy the black stems beneath the elegant grey-green leaves and look out for the tiny dark purple flowers in spring or summer, they’re sublime.

Rosa glauca

This is one of my personal favourite roses.
Rosa glauca was chosen for its sun-loving qualities, to cover the fence on the sunny side of the garden. The single pink flowers appear in summer on reddish stems with blue-green leaves its undoubtedly very pretty with a hint of the unusual.
Red hips follow after the flowers.

Luzula nivea

The commonly known as Snow RushLuzulus bares the appearance of ornamental grass, but it’s actually an evergreen perennial.
I required softness for the shaded side of the garden, and this was an ideal choice.
The long narrow leaves are coated with white hairs, in early midsummer tuft-like pure white flowers appear.
Luzulus also thrives in full shade!