The brief was to create the look of a Cottage Garden, but with a more permanent planting scheme than the traditional concept.

The plants were chosen for flowering performance, fragrance and with a potential to self-seed in specified areas of the garden.

Cottage Gardens can be a time-consuming labour of love with many different annuals, including vegetables to be planted, however, the end result is always spectacular.

Planting preview
Sisyrinchum stratum ‘Aunt May’

The common name for this Cottage Garden favourite is Pale Yellow-Eyed Grass.

It’s an evergreen, clump-forming perennial displaying erect, sword-like, blue-green leaves and pale yellow flowers are displayed on stems during summer. Ageing leaves display a blackened colouration adding to the plant’s interest.

Keep an eye out for seedlings, as they can be either transplanted to another spot in the garden, or make a perfect gift for a friends and family members!

Full sun is required.

Lupinus ‘My Castle’

This traditional Cottage Garden plant is of the client’s favourites and sits in pride of place in the garden. It’s an upright perennial with intense red-pink flowers which provide light fragrance during late spring and early summer.

Enjoying the full sun, Lupinus ‘My Castle’ can also sustain moderate shade.

Deadheading will encourage a second recurrence of flowers, however, ‘beware of slugs and snails!’